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Hello Ladies at the Credit Union

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing work that you all do. Thank you for being very careful and efficient with the work that you do. With how busy you all must be you still manage to make every transaction very personable. I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart that you all did an amazing job explaining every step of the process of buying this car to make everything understandable when a dealership is trying to confuse me. I think you all need to put a tip jar on the front desk for how well you perform, and Angie is very lucky to have an amazing team beside her. You all work together not just as a team but a family and the work truly shows. Time after time the credit union exceeds the expectations that we the consumer would set. 

(P.S – I think since its Wednesday that you all deserve to have some good Pizza today as a reward.)

Best Regards,
20 year member

It’s Like Cheer’s

My favorite part of the credit union is that it’s like Cheer’s, a place where everybody knows your name….everyone that works there is personable and pleasant with a willingness to help any issues I have. Just another benefit of life at Stewart’s.


They Saved me $10,000

I am a member of Stewart’s FCU.  I recently purchased a 2017 Buick Envision from a dealership.  I am very happy with my new SUV not so happy with the price tag but I needed a new vehicle.  I went to the credit union to withdrawal the down payment.  Sandy asked me what the interest rate was through the dealership. I did not know.  It turned out that the rate was much higher.  I refinanced my loan at Stewart’s FCU for a lower rate. They saved me $10,000 over the term. 

Thank you to our employee’s at the credit union for looking out for our best interest!

Betty S.

Stewart's Federal Credit Union 2024