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Angie Lauder
Angie Lauder (NMLS # 1380902): Ext. 3905

Angie Lauder, Manager, NMLS # 1380902

I joined the Stewart’s Federal Credit Union in January 2004, where I began my lifelong career. I began as a part time teller when my children were in grade school. Members of the credit union would soon get to know me as the one with the impeccable memory. I branched out from the teller position and got my hands into the operations side of the business. This position allowed me to grow with the credit union substantially. I gained knowledge on all back-office responsibilities, accounting aspects of the banking industry, general ledger balancing, membership, and the debit card platform.

With my years of gaining knowledge, communication, and skills of the credit union, and the confidence and trust of our members I was granted the position of being the loan officer. This role that I took grew to be more than a title for me. Our company, partners and members have taught me that sometimes someone’s story is more important than what’s on paper. The relationships and friendships that I have formed over the years with our members has allowed me to grow with empathy and compassion.

My dedication, compassion and love for the credit union has led me my current role as manager. With this role, I am responsible for managing the overall operations of the credit union including loans, business & employee development, member services, product sales, and membership growth.

As I continue my career journey here at Stewart’s Federal Credit Union, I will continue to strive on building lifelong relationships one member at a time.

Sandy Lowe: Ext. 3925

Sandy Lowe, MSR, Notary

I began as a partner with Stewart’s at the plant over 20 years ago. In September of 2005, I moved to the credit union, and this was the best decision I could have made. I have never looked back and enjoy making a difference for our members everyday financial needs!

My responsibilities include overseeing three key areas of the credit union. First and foremost working with new members. This is truly a pleasure and has been especially rewarding opening new accounts for children and watching them grow up, get their first debit card, apply for our scholarship and/or begin a career. Secondly, the debit card program represents a loyal relationship between the credit union and our members. It’s important that we have a secure and efficient program. The card program has totally transformed since my early days, transactions are now live, the cards have a chip and are Apple Pay and Google Pay compatible. Last but not least, building the Marketing Program along with our diverse Committee is one of my favorite accomplishments. We publish a newsletter quarterly, lots of fun promotions, loan specials and now have a social media presence!

I love the credit union’s People Helping People philosophy, we do this everyday without hesitation at Stewart’s FCU, that’s why I love my job!

Chelsea Waldron (NMLS # 2127714): Ext. 3945

Chelsea Waldron, MSR, Notary, Loan Officer NMLS #2127714

I started my career at Stewart’s FCU in October of 2021 with 5 years of previous banking experience. I learned very quickly after starting here what a wonderful company I became a part of.
My focus at the credit union is loans and daily operations.

My favorite part about the job is helping our members achieve their goals. Whether it’s buying a new car, home improvements, refinancing for a better rate or building credit, it always a great feeling knowing that we helped make their goals happen.

I look forward to serving our members for many years to come!

Jordan Arnold: Ext. 3920

Jordan Arnold, MSR

I joined Stewart’s as a credit union intern in the Summer of 2021. I loved it so much that, after graduating college in the Spring of 2022, I began my career back here as a full-time member service representative. Although I did not begin with any banking experience, I have learned a lot from the staff and have received so much encouragement from them, as well as the members. The best thing about working here is the community of members. Being one of the first people you see when entering the credit union, I get to interact with most of our members. Whether it be a quick phone call or a visit to the office, it is a pleasure to get to know these individuals and provide them with personalized services in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Amy Robinson, MSR

I started with Stewart’s Shops as a partner 18 years ago in 2005.   Soon after that I began my career as a shop manager at the old Burnt Hills shop then spent the last 10 years at Church Ave.  I truly enjoyed my years as a shop manager and made lifelong friends that were partners and customers.  It was a tough decision to make this change from the shops to the credit union.  With that being said, this is a huge change but one I’m really embracing.  I have a lot to learn but I am up for the challenge!

My favorite part of working at the credit union is the feeling of helping our members, whether it’s solving a problem or just taking care of their financial needs .  One of many happy moments of each day is seeing so many familiar faces.   There is so much to learn about the credit union that my days go by fast!  I really look forward to helping our members with their loans and other financial needs.    This is a company that I love and will stay with for another 18 years – in the credit union.

Outside of work I am an avid kayaker.  I love exploring new areas to kayak and fish.  Hiking and snowshoeing are other activities I’ve taken a liking to in the last couple years.  While I will never be a 46’er I do enjoy tackling as many hikes as I can physically handle.  Lastly, I am a lover of animals!  I have my own little zoo at home and consider of all my animals to be my “babies”. 

Shannon Potter

Shannon Potter, MSR

The credit union has been fortunate to have gained a long time Stewart’s Shops employee as one of our own, that many of you have had the pleasure of knowing. Shannon Potter may be the newest staff member here at the credit union but she has been with Stewart’s Shops for just about 22 years now. She has spent most of her career with the company serving our partners with a human resource background. She will continue building lifelong relationships with our partners as she grows her roots with us here at the credit union. She has a contagious smile and a personality that warms the room when you walk in the office. She will be focusing on the back office operations side of our business. If you haven’t already came into welcome Shannon, please stop in and say hello while doing some banking on the side.
In Shannon’s free time she loves to play golf, ride motorcycles, travel and spend time with her husband and family.

Pictured, Amy Robinson, Angie Lauder, Jordan Arnold, Chelsea Waldron, Shannon Potter and Sandy Lowe

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The Supervisory Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors. It is responsible to ensure that all credit union actions are in compliance with all federal and state laws as well as governmental rules and regulations. Members may contact the Supervisory Committee if there are concerns about these issues.

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